Animal Relief Areas (Inside Security)

Convenient locations Inside Security for your pet’s needs. Simply take a walk, or ride on Skylink, to visit these areas near gates A28, B28 or E31. Each terminal also has grassy areas Outside Security.

ATM - Bank of America - Inside Security

Convenient access to your cash and balances. These locations also accept deposits: Gates A11, A34, B21, B29, C8, C21, C28, D18, D25, D33, E14 and E33.

ATM - Bank of America - Outside Security

Convenient access to your cash and balances. The location at Terminal D International Arrivals also accepts deposits.

Cellular Broadband

Located throughout the terminals. All of DFW Airport’s terminals feature continuous cellular coverage for all national cellular providers.

Currency Exchange (Travelex)

Travelex is the world’s largest foreign exchange specialist, providing 80+ currencies and an award-winning prepaid travel card, the Multi-currency Cash Passport. Take both cash and our card abroad for more flexibility. Get currency before you fly!

Lost and Found

There are two Lost and Found operations at DFW. For items left on an American Airlines plane, visit Inside Security near Gate C2 or call 972-425-2465. For all other items lost at DFW Airport, visit Outside Security near the E4 Bag Claim from 5:00 AM-10:00 PM or call 972-973-4420.

Nursing Room

Privacy for Mom. For the Door Access Code for the A18, B40 and E14 locations, call 972-973-4982. Moms are also welcome at Minute Suites at A38 and D23, with 30 minutes complimentary usage of a suite when available.

Power Charging Stations

Workstations provide free power (including USB charge ports).

Wi-Fi (Free AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot)

DFW International Airport provides complimentary AT&T Wi-Fi Internet access. AT&T connects you where you live, work and play – it’s easy – turn your Wi-Fi on, select “attwifi” and enjoy free Internet access at DFW International Airport.